Irewamiri was teaching one day and shared a story that brought back memories: there was a night that I did not know what was wrong. She went cold for hours. I kept asking what the matter was.

At the height of it, she laid on the bed while I knelt by her side asking questions about what the issue was. She slept off while I stayed on my knees beside her and I prayed silently.

Some hours later, she woke up and was shocked that I maintained the same posture by her side. The Holy Spirit helped and her heart melted. She also spoke about the issue bothering her. We both had some teary moments but made up our minds to work on our marriage.

There is no way to manifest the fruit without the tree. The most important personality in the marriage of a believer is the Holy Spirit. The most important attitude in the marriage of a believer is yieldedness to the Holy Spirit.

Without the Spirit and submission to His leading, your marriage will be another tree with strange fruits- anger, silent treatments, impatience, lust, manipulative tendencies, intimidation, strange philosophies and emotional outbursts.

With the Spirit and submission to His will, leading your marriage will produce love, joy, peace, self-control, righteousness, patience, and kindness among others.

The man who is led by the Spirit of the Lord knows that his role is to love his wife. He knows that He has to be without complaints or conditions. If the food is sweet, love her. If the food is salty, love her.

The woman who is led by the Spirit of the Lord knows that her role is to submit to her husband. Submission is not based on conditions. It is your own obedience to the dealings of the Holy Spirit.

The marriage that therefore becomes successful is that of a loving husband and a submissive wife.

Each party must understand that their actions will be judged based on the instructions they have been given.

The rule is simple: obey your instructions without expectations from the other party to obey theirs first. Truth is, it becomes easy to love a submissive wife and it becomes easy to submit to a loving husband. You cannot be smarter than the Word of the Lord that is eternal. Obey it!

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

There is love in sharing