After a very long day, my girls slept off in the living room. Since I knew we would move them to their rooms, I walked into their room to at least make it neat. I needed to lay both beds but I eventually did some shoddy thing in haste.

That was when the Holy Spirit stepped in:
“Are those girls queens?”, I answered “Yes”.

He threw in the next question: “Are they your future?” I was already wondering where the question was going, I again said “Yes”.

Then the Holy Spirit threw in the knockout punch: “Is this how you will lay the bed that the future will sleep on?”

Every inch of tiredness and mediocrity left my mind. I took a deep breath. I said, “Holy Spirit, I am sorry”. Then I laid the bed right.

I shared the moment with Irewamiri and we had a good laugh.

Christianity is not boring, you are the one not listening to the Holy Spirit. Christianity is not synonymous with mediocrity, it will never be. You cannot have the Holy Ghost and present that shoddy and untidy lifestyle, no! You must come out of snooze mode. Wake up!

The Holy Spirit is your Helper. He wants to help you live life at the Christ-like level. You cannot do it through self-encouragement. Paul knew this secret and he taught the Philippian Church:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13 NKJV

There is a strength that is supplied when we rely on God. You will go through makeover classes. You will be surprised how you turn out.

You know that you would normally give everyone a piece of your mind. Can you imagine you are the same person now responding with peace and calm? Who did it? The Holy Spirit. You really wanted to explode but He teaches you the right words to speak that deflects anger.

He teaches you to be bold yet not proud. He teaches you to be thorough yet not unkind. He impacts even your dress sense. You dress with Christ in mind and not to kill. He brings so much sweetness into our lives. He speaks to the worried soul and calms the frayed nerves. He speaks to the person broken on the inside and fixes every hurt and pain with a precision that no professional can deliver.

If you take your walk with and in the Spirit serious enough, you will soon notice that you are not who you used to be.

It takes your cooperation for the change you desire to happen. Do not just sing “My help has come”, make sure you live like your help has come- be obedient and cooperate with your helper.

There is love in sharing