In the early years of ministry, I went to visit a dear family that I love dearly. Normally, when I visit as an undergraduate, it was certain that I would leave with some good money in my pocket. Do you know the way a broke student announces to his uncle or aunt the day he will be leaving? If he is leaving on Tuesday, he would start reminding them on Friday. It was always a subtle reminder that they should prepare some cash without saying a lot. It always works.

This time around, I announced my departure the day of my arrival. I was to say for 48 hours. I did not drop any subtle reminders. My uncle and aunt went to work very early and once it was time to travel, I also returned to base.

That evening, my aunt called and said, “Even if you are now a big man and you do not need anything, you should at least let me send something to my sister”. The truth was I needed something but I made up my mind that it was time to grow up and live in the consciousness of the blessing of God’s call upon my life.

The blessing is empowerment to prosper. Every child of God is blessed. When God called Abraham, he was just one person. But by the blessing of the Lord, he was increased. If you are God’s child, you are blessed. If you are called of the Lord, it is unto increase and never unto shame or disgrace.

One of the things you must deal with is the mindset of a beggar. A blessed man is not always looking for opportunities to take rather he seeks opportunities to give.

If you are blessed but do not live in the consciousness of it, you will slave with the blessing on your life. You will be like Jacob in the house of Laban, what took your father a few days to get done, you can struggle for it for 14 years. Isaac got Rebecca from the same place Jacob got Leah and Racheal.

A man carrying the blessing was struggling for bread, brides, and the benefit of employment until he came to a breaking point and the sun rose over his life in Peniel. The sun that set at Bethel when he slept symbolically rose when he refused to sleep at Peniel.

Everything changed afterwards. One of the most significant things about Jacob was when he met Pharaoh in famine. Jacob was no longer thinking of what he would get. Jacob’s mindset had changed. See this:

So Jacob blessed Pharaoh and went out from before Pharaoh.
Genesis 47:10 NKJV

Jacob was now the one blessing Pharoah.

When you live as a blessed student, you will still look for ways to bless your parents even if it is to buy airtime on their phones periodically. You would not keep saying “How much do they give me?”

When uncles and aunts or relatives visit from overseas, you will not hang around them with all your needs on your face. You will welcome them with a gift also without thinking of what they brought for you. You will keep seeking opportunities to be a blessing.

When you are on a job, you know no matter what you are paid, you are blessed already. You have no scarcity mindset. You know you transact with favour. You know the oil of gladness is upon your life.

When God asks you to give, you do it with joy. You do not start calculating how you will survive. You know that God can take care of and meet your needs.

Look at yourself and say; I am blessed.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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