My late grandparents have something very unique that I can never take for granted- relationships. They have such solid bonds with people from different seasons of their lives.

Whenever I sit with corp members exiting Eruwa, I sound it loud and clear- do not joke with relationships. Keep in touch with us and with your batch!

One mistake we make as young people is that we do not learn how to move people with us from one season of life to another.

Whenever we make new friends, we forget old ones- that is not the best! You must know how to make old friends meet new friends and make them friends.

There is no pride in saying, “I do not have friends and I do not need friends”. Even Jesus had friends. Friendship is key.

I am not talking about friends whose aim is simply buying party clothes- that is a mere recreational association.

I am talking about those who will stand by you in the toughest of times and you will stand by in the toughest of times.

When there was a famine in Isaac’s time, do you know what he leveraged was a friendship established by Abraham with Abimelech at Gerar?

So before you scream that Isaac sowed in the land and got a hundredfold, remember that there was also a solid relationship to leverage on.

Most of the finest testimony that will come your way will have a touch of friendship in them.

Joseph built friendships in prison that translated later to an opening in the palace.

David’s life was spared because he had Jonathan. Solomon leveraged their friendship of David with Hiram, King of Tyre when he was building the temple.

It took friends to break the room for a man with palsy to see Jesus and get healed.

We thank God for Job but we also bless God for his friends. They sat with him for the first seven days and did not say a word. They just soaked in the pain.

Generations before us did not have gadgets yet built solid bonds. We have all the gadgets to reach out and connect yet we do not.

Depression is becoming a major issue now yet we have all the means to reach out but people are still lonely!

We need to learn to take our eyes and hands off the screen of phones and look into people’s faces!

When last did you check on that friend?

When last did you send a note across?

When last did you visit that friend?

Build friendships. Be a friend. It pays. It works.

Let us build bridges and not walls.

There is love in sharing