It was a high brow hotel on the Island somewhere in Lagos State. I had stopped over to say hello to a dear mentor who was in town.

After our discussion, I dipped my hands into my pocket and slipped a cash gift into his hands- It was my way of saying thank you.

He does not need my money. He is wealthy already. He looked at me and said, “Temi, you are just different”.

At another time, I make it a point of duty to write a cheque to support another of my teachers. I see people bombarding him for requests and needs.

He looked at me one day and prayed out his heart.

Friends, your mentor is not your sponsor. They will give if they want to but you must not be after their money.

When you have a chance to be around a teacher or anyone who has gone ahead of you, pick their brain and not their pocket.

Those with a beggarly mindset always get beggarly things. Even though I give to my mentors, anytime they give to me, I get to shiver!

Do not go to them with that entitlement mindset. Know your primary reason and stick to it.

If he or she forgets your birthday, do not get annoyed. You are not with him because of birthday shoutouts. You are there for something more.

If they place a bag of money before you and ask you to take as much as you want, that is your test. Kindly tell them to tell you how to get to the point where they are.

It is a prodigal mind that puts “give me” before “make me”. Be smart. If all you got is money, you are the poorest of all beings.

Do not just admire their suit, tie and cars. Do not focus on their wardrobe alone- your dressing should change but change that lasts is first internal.

My pastor says to us, “You cannot make progress internally and remain stagnant externally”.

Go deep friends! Go deep!!!

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