Danielle came to sit on my lap as I savoured the rice and goat meat. She definitely wanted some. I gave her about two spoons of rice.

Then her focus changed, she wants “fish”- (i.e meat). I picked up a tiny part of the meat and gave her.

She shook her head. I told her it was meat. She still refused. I wondered what the matter was.

I looked closely and I saw the meat was wrapped in rice. Danielle saw rice and she did not see the meat.

Well! I dusted the rice off. She saw the meat and then ate it. I smiled.

Dear friend, your opportunities will always never come announcing and screaming “Hey! I am your opportunity o”. It will come in different shades.

There are times that your answers for the palace are hidden in your faithfulness in Potiphar’s house and your good attitude in prison.

Your Man Isaac may be hidden in that tired servant begging for water and his journey weary camels.

For goodness sake, your saviour can be that little boy wrapped in swaddling clothes. Someone called it “deity in diapers”.

One of the mistakes we make as young people is that we do not discern, recognize and maximize our opportunities.

That Egyptian slave may be your password to the victory you need.

God is a specialist in wrapping what you desire in a package that you do not like. If you do not dig, you may not find the treasure.

Check your list of friends and you may likely see one that you never gave a chance but is now doing amazingly well.

Take a flashback at some things you said Yes to that should have been a No and some things you said No to that should have been a Yes.

If there is one prayer you should always pray, it is that God should give you the capacity to recognize and maximize opportunities.

Some made haste and lost all; some were too slow and got none. The best we can pray for is to be at the right place at the right time with the right people and enjoy the right opportunities.

Do you know opportunities when you see them? I have seen people walk away close to their reward because they could not discern that they were writing a promotional examination.

Do not make that mistake!

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing