As I got on the pulpit to teach, the Lord said to me, “Tell a married woman here that mood swing is not a fruit of the Spirit”. I did as I was instructed.

One of the things that will be a major hinderance to divine moves in your life will be what is popularly called mood swing. It is possible to be a believer and be a victim of mood swing.

Meanwhile, the prophet Isaiah said that if you will draw from the wells of salvation, you will need a fetcher called joy. Without joy, you will stay at the wells and still remain thirsty. Why? What is needed to draw is not available.

Mood swing will hinder divine moves to favour you! Nehemiah was before the King after he heard about the state of Jerusalem and the King said to him, “Nehemiah, you always look bright and joyful. The look on your face today shows something is wrong”. Nehemiah explained his ordeal and got the favour of the King.

But if people are already used to seeing you moody. Even when you have a genuine reason to be sad, they no longer know the difference because you are always moody. You lose the support of men that God would have given you. People will just leave you till you ‘come around’.

You must live above circumstantial joy. If you do not, there are dimensions of divine workings that will not happen in your life’s journey. Joseph lived above the situation of the prison, the prison could not hold him down. Paul and Silas lived above the chains and the pains of the prison, the chains lost its grip on men who stayed as worshippers.

You are not sad because things are bad. Things are bad because you are sad. A merry heart will throw a continuous feast says the book of Proverbs.

Now your spouse is used to your mood. Your colleagues do not care again. The day you need them to genuinely care, you have lost their attention.

A consistent mood swing is a sign that there is demonic activity going on around you- cut it now. Stop their party and dance. Stand up and rebuke the devil. Tell your soul to bless the Lord. Tell your Spirit to leap in joy!

Get your fetcher.
The Well has water.
Refuse to be battered.
Drink! Till you are satisfied.

Get drunk on the Holy Ghost. A sip is not enough. Go into the deep end. It is not just a bath. This is immersion. Come out soaked in His Presence. Let the grip of hell slip of your soul because you are anointed with the oil of joy!

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