A dear one who used to be in church in the early days of ministry and is still close to me saw the flyer for our 10th Anniversary as a ministry and he sent me a message that:

“Pastor, you said this to three offices casually in the office in 2013 (you were holding a book titled Axiom and I came to the office to read during one of the academic union strikes that year): ‘When church will be 10 years old, Bishop Francis Wale Oke will come and we would not be in this building”.

I had totally forgotten that we ever had such a conversation but I know I have something similar I wrote in 2018 because I stumbled on it recently. This is 2022, church was 10 years old some days ago, Bishop is coming and we are moving into our building this same week.

Beloved, no one charges you when you speak in faith. Do not use your mouth to set things in motion that you do not desire to see. Friend, idle words still carry weight such that they will be judged in eternity. Do not speak idle words.

But I tell you, on the day of judgment, people will have to give an accounting for every careless or useless word they speak (Matt. 12:36 AMP).

Why invest your energy in careless Words when you can use the same to speak carefully selected words into your future.

There are no jokes in the spirit. Angels and Demons do not know jokes. They hear words. Why do you keep talking down on yourself? Why do you keep saying things you do not mean or you do not want to see?

How do you build a Rich Library of Great Words? Let the Word of God dwell in you richly that your response to anything is word-based.

How do you get the Word to dwell in you? Read it. Study it. Listen to it. Use your time in traffic to plug into a message. Saturate your atmosphere with the Word of God. Use Audio Bible on the go.

Begin to reduce things that empower your flesh and weaken your spirit. Some songs are poisonously coated with sweet rhythm. Many are dancing to the rhythm but not sensitive to the words. Also, some movies are full of venomous words and curses here and there. It could be very disheartening. And Yes! Bad News does not help your spirit man also. You cannot be full of faith when you are constantly exposed to fear.

Beloved, guard your heart with all diligence so what flows from your mouth will be building blocks for your future. Do not use your words to tear down what you really desire to see. Be careful.

There is love in sharing