There were a lot of questions in our hearts as a couple that we needed answers to. We were doing well but there were areas that we just saw that we could do better. They were areas we would rather “allow sleeping dogs to lie.” We let it go for the sake of peace. We stopped pushing to make it work because it seem we just could not get the password to it. Anytime we tried to talk about it, the heat in our union would rise above room temperature. We would quickly withdraw before it gets to boiling point. 

As God would have it, we took a few days’ vacation to visit and interact with a dear teacher and his family. One day as we talked, they just began to touch on issues we have not even mentioned. As they shared with us, all the issues began to melt away. I did not know when I left my chair and prostrated in gratitude. Light flooded our hearts and our marriage. We returned home and the matters melted away naturally. We bonded in those areas seamlessly. It took us to another level. We knew the shift that had taken place.

Friends, be wise enough to mark places you go to and the root of bitterness spring forth in your life, marriage, or ministry. Run far away from those places. By now, you should be smart enough to know that there are people you talk with or visit who are triggers of weeds and strange fire in your life, run from them! You are not under a spell. Let no one feed what God is trying to get rid of in your life. 

On the contrary, there are light bearers. Never let light bearers go. There are places or people you visit that shine light upon your season. With them, you move from confusion to clarity. With them, you move from a plateau phase to new heights. With them, you move from friction to function with ease. With them, your questions become a thing of the past. Be wise! Mark them well and never let them go. 

There are people in your life that you must never allow life to happen to. Never! Be deliberate. Pay the price to remain in their space. Invest in that relationship. Do not let it drift because time and life happen. Fight that lethargy! It is an attack on your destiny. If the devil keeps you far from light bearers, darkness will reign in your space. 

Listen! If I was Lot, nothing will make me leave Abraham. I mean nothing. I will kill any strange thought that wants to pull me away. I will not allow pride or strife at all. Why? 

I can trace enlargement to my association with him. I am in an “also” season. I am not the main actor. I got blessed because of my association with him.

Lot also, who went with Abram, had flocks and herds and tents.

Genesis 13:5 NKJV

Do you have the discernment to know your light bearers? Are you wise enough to hold on to them? Do not be too simple that you do not know when the devil is using situations to isolate you from bearers of light. 

Pick a pen and a note. Use your gadgets.

Start reflecting now. 

Where did I visit and light came to me?

Who did I meet and the light came?

Where did I go and I moved to a new season?

Do you know what to do now or pride will not allow you? 

Remember I prostrated when light hit me! There is no pride in learning from light bearers. 

Wake up! 

temilOluwa Ola, 

from Eruwa to the Ends of The Earth!

There is love in sharing


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