I wrote my first external examination as an SS 2 student. This was in the year 2000. I was fortunate to be in the same examination centre with some of my childhood friends and neighbours.

On the day of our first paper, there was an elderly man (at least he looked way older than us) who was sitting close to us. We noticed that he was using his pen to fill what was called a computer sheet which had clear instructions that we should fill with pencils.

My friends and I began to communicate non-verbally until someone became bold to tell him, “Sir, the instruction says you should fill it with a pencil and not a pen”. His response was shocking. He said, ” Shut up. I have been writing this exam before they gave birth to you”. We froze. But I silently told myself that “Sir, you will keep writing this exam after we have become doctors and lawyers”. It was a weird experience.

One of the signs of pride is the inability to yield to correction. A proud person is not teachable. An unteachable man will stay in the same spot for a long time. It takes teaching and examination to come into the next season of life. There is no promotion for the proud. God himself resists the proud.

Let us break it down: To scale in life, marriage, business, ministry, or career, you will need to be open to evaluation. Some organizations are stuck and some eventually dipped in results because those who lead them were not open to appraisal, evaluation, and adjustments.

A proud husband will stall his family and wreck his marriage. A proud minister of the gospel will remain stuck with what is outdated. It is possible to keep running with what is no longer relevant because of the pride of “That is how we have been doing it” or “We started it in 1948”. If you are not open to evaluation, you are left open to stagnation. If you are not open to correction, you will be closed up to innovation.

The first sin was rooted in pride. Pride is as old as sin itself. The first person who was caught in the web of pride lost his place. It is still the same- pride makes you lose your place.

If you want to see improvement in anything, resist pride. Be willing to grow. Be open to appraisals. Do not tighten up your mind when people give suggestions. It can be tough at times but be willing to listen to others. Be willing to accept their contributions.

Pride comes at a huge cost. It is too expensive. Deal with it.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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