I sat with my long-standing associate, and we made a list of all the places and meetings we would normally attend. I asked him, “Which place added the greatest value to us in your estimation, and which would you recommend that we go to more in the new year?” He did not hesitate to mention two places. It was the same place that Irewamiri and I had noted also in our family conversation. 

By the time we had a ministry staff meeting and we asked the same question, all the answers were the same. We made up our minds to intensify efforts in those places. We were the better for it individually and corporately. 

First, do you sit as a person, a family, or an organization to ask questions and run appraisals? Do you know that your life would be better if you simply asked important questions? It is important to know the people and places that add the most value to you. 

Second, you cannot be sentimental about matters of destiny. If you have a friend or place you visit and there is a communication breakdown between yourself and your spouse, why don’t you try to give such a person or place some gap and measure the outcome first?

Think about the Sower. What would you do once you spot the good land? Simple! You will give it more time, sow more seeds there, and you will see your outcome multiply. Your character is strengthened, and you grow better. 

I told a dear brother who added so much value to my life in the past two years that I have just one relationship goal: “To get closer to him and invest in building a stronger relationship.” What a goal. You can do the same. 

You are helped when you know where to go. When Abram derailed in famine and eventually left Egypt, the scriptures said that he went from place to place until he got to the place where he had first built an altar. 

From the Negev, he went from place to place until he came to Bethel, to the place between Bethel and Ai where his tent had been earlier and where he had first built an altar. There Abram called on the name of the Lord.

Genesis 13:3-4 NIV

From that day, there was a shift in Father Abraham’s journey: Strife died. Love walk became solid. He commanded the attention of kings. He was not in any way tied to material things. He was enlarged in every way. Why? He found the place that added the greatest value to him – the altar. 

Do a line test: Make a list of your friends, family members, conferences, meetings, and WhatsApp groups (this has to be there) that you are a part of. 

Begin to ask yourself:

Who is the most priceless?

Which one added the greatest value to me?

Which ones can I do without, and which ones made me better? 

Where should I pour my effort this season?

Keep dropping off names and places until you are left with three you know are the strongest. Invest in those three and see how your life will be simplified and productivity will be amplified. 

Relationships are a blessing, but they can also be a drain pipe when you have too many to service. You become exhausted. You do not even know how to define the relationships. Everyone is your friend. You have like six pastors, and you have to be in their meetings. You need to be disciplined. Ask the tough questions. You will be the better for it. 

Find your altar- of friendship and destiny relationships. Invest in it. Give your hundred percent to the good land and see your harvest multiply. Grace. 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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