About seven years ago, we had just finished our Sunday service. Those who were in charge of church finance had a normal place they would keep the tithes and offerings. As they placed it there on that day, I had a prompt within me to change where it was kept before I left the office.

I took the cash and placed it somewhere else. About an hour after we left the office, I sent a young man to help pick up something from the church office. He called to tell me that the entire church office had been ransacked. The first place that was turned upside down was where the money would have been. The burglar got nothing. God saw it in advance and prompted me to change where the money was. I feared the Lord that day.

Being sensitive to the Lord and obedience to His instructions can save you from crisis. Someone may be telling you about a business deal or an investment that looks pretty good by all human standards but you just sensed a nudge not to be a part of it. You will end up knowing the reason why the Lord told you not to invest in the business. Obey God even when it does not make sense.

After you have done all due diligence, please do not joke with your spiritual intelligence. A businessman once said that he had a government contract in the bag but he sensed to walk away at the last minute. It did not make sense. Months later, there was a military intervention and the people who began to execute the contract ran into huge trouble. He escaped.

A dear one brought a young woman once as the woman he intended to get married to. I sensed some things were just not clear. The young lady seems to keep a huge distance from the man after her visit. He discovered some seven months later that she delivered a child. He would have fathered a child that was not his.

God’s gift to you as a believer is discernment by the Spirit of the Lord. If you are full of strength but lack discernment, you will fall into enemy traps. If you are full of drive but you do not listen to the Spirit of the Lord, you can have a life punctured with avoidable crisis.

We are in sensitive times. You must be a discerning believer. Do not be forced to make hurried decisions. Listen to the Spirit of the Lord. Follow prompts of wisdom. It can prevent losses in life. It can save you from trouble. Many are the affliction of the righteous but the Lord saves him from them all. Your life can be crisis-free. There is a GPS in the Spirit. Stop trying to find your way without the map. Time will be saved. Effort will be saved. Resources will be preserved. Your life will be protected.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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