I have a dear son in the faith who is an artisan also. He does a great job in tiling and plumbing. He has some knowledge of electrical work also. He is a utility worker. I called him one day and told him to change the way he dresses and how he appears after work. He must never appear like a site worker when he is not on a site.

One day, he returned home and his sister kept asking the mum where he was coming from. She was confused. He did not look the way he used to. He has sustained that practice.

A private university banned the wearing of jeans on campus because they discovered that they could not spot the difference between their students and the several labourers and artisans on the various construction projects on campus. They needed to distinguish their students.

Beloved, your carriage is important. It speaks of your posture, presence, and comportment. It speaks of the way you bear your body whether casually, deliberately, or with class.

There is an appearance of royalty. There is a way kings appear. Look at the way Solomon’s appearance was described:

What’s this I see, approaching from the desert, raising clouds of dust, Filling the air with sweet smells and pungent aromatics? Look! It’s Solomon’s carriage, carried and guarded by sixty soldiers, sixty of Israel’s finest, All of them armed to the teeth, trained for battle, ready for anything, anytime. King Solomon once had a carriage built from fine-grained Lebanon cedar. He had it framed with silver and roofed with gold. The cushions were covered with a purple fabric, the interior lined with tooled leather.
Song of Songs 3:6‭-‬10 MSG

Dear Christian brother, smelling good is not a crime. Do not carry an offensive smell and expect to be treated like an executive. Dear sister, take a regular shower. Take care of your body. Be clean. Smell clean.

Do you know that there are times you appear alone in some places that people get suspicious and worried? For instance, your in-laws should know that you have valuable relationships. Do not be oppressive about it but also not be silent about it.

In the early days of ministry (and even till now), some people ask what we do in our office because of the way we appear and we carry ourselves. Your appearance speaks without you saying a word. It shows your mood- seriousness, nonchalant, depressed, mourning, etc.

If you have an organization, appear well but also ensure you care about the appearance of your staff. When Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon, she observed many things:

“she was overwhelmed. She was also amazed at the food on his tables, the organization of his officials and their splendid clothing, the cup-bearers, and the burnt offerings Solomon made at the Temple of the Lord”
1 Kings 10:5 NLT

What impression was left on her?

First, she admitted that Solomon was a wise king and it was no rumours. Your carriage can show how learned or wise you are.

Second, she admitted it was beyond what she was told. Your carriage can determine the impression and perspective people have about it.

Third, she admitted anyone who was around him was privileged to be there to see and listen to him.

Fourth, she gave glory to the Lord who has given him such wisdom. Your carriage can either glorify God or not.

Finally, she could not but give to King Solomon. Your carriage and the impression people have of you determine what they give to you.

If you are perceived as a beggar, you get a beggar’s portion. If you are perceived as royalty, you get a kingly portion.

What is your carriage like? Beggarly or Kingly!

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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