Mum called me that afternoon and sent me to get her some pepper. I was to blend it also. It was some distance from the house. I went to my childhood friend to borrow his bicycle for the assignment.

I got the pepper and secured it to the carrier on the bicycle. It was a smooth journey home. I returned the bike and carried the pepper home.

As I got to the door of the house, the unexpected happened- the handle of the container pulled off. All I had worked hard to deliver spilt to the floor in the twinkling of an eye right at the door. I was in shock. I was confused. I was pained. It was a wasted effort.

Till date, I rarely carry things by the handle along. I exercise caution and would rather carry the whole container rather than pull by the handle.

A lot of people are great starters but many are strong finishers. There is no season of life that you must become slack with assignments that God has given to you.

You have an assignment to manage your life by guarding your heart and making divinely aligned decisions. Do not be slack about it. When David became slack, he exposed his home to strange things- rape, murder and rebellion became the order of the day.

When Gehazi became slack, greed overtook him and he passed on leprosy to his generation down the line.

Listen! Take your life, your home and your calling seriously. Do not carry any of it with levity.

Always remember that it takes time to build, but one moment of carelessness can ruin all you have laboured for.

Listen! Take heed to what God has committed into your hands. Carelessness can lead to huge losses. Carry it with all sense of caution and care. Do not slack until you deliver on destiny. Do not reduce your sense of diligence until you get “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

Men who make careless decisions always lose the trophies of destiny. Do not joke with relationships in your life that will not allow you to drop the ball. Appreciate teachers and pastors who would not allow you to slack in destiny.

Take no pride in living life on your terms. David never corrected Adonijah. When he desired the throne, he went for it on his own terms. He lost the throne and also lost his life. Do not be careless with life.

God can never commit great kingdom matters to careless men. One of the reasons why God chose Mary to carry Jesus must have been the heart of Joseph.

Joseph was not careless sexually. He was not found inappropriately handling Mary. God could trust him. He was serious.

Joseph was not careless with information. Even when Mary said she was pregnant, he had not started calling family and friends. He could hold his tongue.

Joseph was not careless with divine instructions. He will never hesitate to obey. When Herod sought to kill Jesus, God needed a serious Joseph to be there to obey all instructions promptly.

God still has Jesus’ Agenda to run in our generation, but can he commit it into your hands? Would you carry it with levity and not waste all that heaven committed into your hands?

Be serious till you deliver.
Be serious till you get “Welldone. Good and faithful servant”.

Be serious.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing