We were getting ready to go to church when Danielle said to her Mum, “Let’s play hide and seek”. I felt it was a weird request considering what we needed to get done. But Irewamiri calmly said to Danielle, “I will go and hide while you try to find me”.

I was the timekeeper. I counted to ten and released Danielle to search. Olive joined in also. They searched everywhere but they could not find Mum. They were about to give up when Mum made a sound from where she was hiding. They heard the sound and began to search again.

As they were turning away from the spot, I turned on the light in the room where mummy was and pointed the spot to them. They ran towards the hiding spot. They were full of joy as they spotted their mum. Although mum knew that Dad helped.

Afterwards, I asked them, “How did you feel when you found mum?” They both said they were joyful. I said to them, “That’s how joyful we get in seeking the Lord also. When you find God, your heart is full of joy”.

Your greatest moment of joy will always be tied to God and things flowing from God. If you depend on material things for joy, it will not last. If your emotion is tied to trending things, it will keep fluctuating. When you get the latest, it would soon become the former. But when your joy is rooted in God, it is strong.

If you build a house, its glory will fade. If you buy a car, a new model will soon be manufactured. You will never be satisfied. The life of a man does not consist in the abundance of what he possesses.

It takes light to make discoveries in God. The entrance of His word gives light and understanding. Paul prayed that the light of our understanding be enlightened. Go for light in the word. Study the word and pray for light. Once there is light, there is progress.

Just like I pointed the way to my children, God plants people in and around you as agents of discovery. Hegai showed Esther what to wear to the king. A stranger showed Joseph where to find his brothers. A slave showed Naaman where to get healing. A servant showed Saul the way to Prophet Samuel. Never despise the light pointers that God brings to you.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

There is love in sharing