THE MAN WHO LOVES COLLECTING WATER (The power of an unending supply)

THE MAN WHO LOVES COLLECTING WATER (The power of an unending supply)

For years, I wondered why our neighbour was fascinated with digging wells. Then, he also made “rain collectors” channelled to reservoirs on all available roofs. He constantly encouraged others to do the same.

Then one day he said, “Water is never in excess. You will always need water”. I saw the reason behind his drive. He even attempted to build a dam and tested power generation. I love his drive.

There is a supply of the Spirit that every believer must be hungry for. You will know no lack in dry times. You will stand strong in tough times and still generate power in unusual circumstances.

Every drunkard knows that it is not the sip that gets you tipsy and drunk- there is more! Ceremonial prayers and fellowship with God cannot get you into deep streams, consistent and passionate drinking from the source is the key to the deep streams.

The dividing line between a timid Peter shaking at the accusation of a maid and a standing Peter speaking with authority was an encounter with the supply of the Spirit.

Peter became so audacious that you can pick the “vibes” of a man who is drunk in the Spirit- he tells a lame beggar that he has no money for him but he has something more- legs in Jesus name!

He told those who conspired to kill Jesus that “the Jesus you killed”. He was not going to sugar coat it for them. What boldness! After they are beaten for preaching the gospel, he and others go back rejoicing that they could suffer for the sake of Christ.

There is a supply within that nothing without could drain. If you are drained internally of the supply of the Spirit, the tiniest demands will weaken and defeat you. A defeated spirit is a lost battle.

There is a supply of the Spirit of Christ:

For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ Philippians 1:19 KJV

And it comes with manifestations:

And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord ;
Isaiah 11:2 KJV

When there is the supply of the Spirit, you have no doubt that the Lord is with you. There is wisdom to handle matters with understanding. You discern accurately and deliver with precision. Yet, you do all with the fear of the Lord.

But when supply is lacking, there is drought. Fruits die. Manifestations are no longer visible.

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