I made friends with some of my classmates at the State University. I had settled in fast. I began to fall in love with some of the music of that season. I would borrow music discs from another colleague to listen to at intervals.

One day, I borrowed some music discs as usual. When I got home, I began to play them. Then I saw a blank one without any inscription. I played it. Alas! It was porn. I was curious. I sat down to watch it and then returned it to the pack.

Some minutes later, my colleague came to my place and said, “Temi, there is a plain disc in the pack. Can I have it? The owner needs it” (if you know the distance between our houses). I returned the disc pretending like I had not watched it. He left, hoping that I had not seen it. We never discussed it.

Friends can smuggle things into your life. If your foundation is weak, bad friendships can tear down the whole building. It took a while for me to recover from the grip of porn on my soul.

Anytime the devil succeeds in planting a seed, he will always return to check for the harvest. The best is to ensure that he does not succeed.

Bad friendship will mislead you and will end up corrupting you. Bad communication corrupts good manners. It is not friendship if you are only deceiving one another. It is not friendship when truth cannot be spoken in love. It is not friendship when a bad character becomes the driver. If it is not propelling you towards spiritual growth or capacity development, or character development, it is not worth it.

Friends are not neutral in life- they will always bring something into your life. You must be cautious in choosing friends.

A friend suggested to Amnon to rape Tamar. That was the ticket of Amnon to death. A friend supported Judah as he engaged in casual sex with a prostitute, not knowing she was his daughter-in-law.

The person who has your ears has your life. The devil needs just a man to smuggle corruption into your soul. Look at the terrible tendencies and habits you picked – at what point did it begin? Who was the messenger of corruption that you accepted?

Beloved, friendship is not built by pretence and packaging. Good character, desire for growth, and truth must be at the foundation of your friendship.

This is how Apostle Paul puts it:

So stop fooling yourselves! Evil companions will corrupt good morals and character.
1 Corinthians 15:33 TPT

There is love in sharing