He looked at me that night after we exchanged pleasantries and said, “What do you do?”

“I, pastor, sir”, I responded.

The next question was, “What is the church’s name?” I replied to him.

“Did you start the church?” He queried. “Yes, I did”, I responded.

The following statement was not one I was prepared for. He said, “So you are one of those that said God called them, right?”

I smiled. That question went unanswered, but I was not sad a bit!

Friend, there is no shame in serving the Lord. There is no shame in responding to His call.

People who respond to God’s call to ministry and service are not necessarily lazy.

I know of some who would have been wealthy from chasing their dreams but voluntarily chose to give their all.

And there is still full-time ministry- those who give their all to the call.

God calls us to sacrifice. Full-time Ministry is not for the lazy. It is not for those who look for jobs and think ministry is the way out.

Human-led organizations recruit the best of hands. God also calls the best of us into His work- smart men and women.

He trains us till our weakness becomes a strength in ministry. Our shortcomings become an opportunity for Him to shine His light.

His light shines through our brokenness. We are His vessels- Sold out and committed to Him.

We learn to live in joy. We operate with wisdom. We run in faith and with wisdom. We rejoice in little. We are humble in abundance.

A generation heard the gospel of sacrifice and dying to self; they left juicy jobs to seek souls and grow lives. They shock us even today.

What is this generation hearing that will make them take the same bold steps? Who will live for God and not just mammon?

Who will leave a job because God called? Who will sow themselves as seeds so generations can eat the fruits?

Where are the men who can despise the wealth of Egypt and choose an infamous path with God? Where are the men who will leave behind a boat full of harvest and bow to the Lord?

Where are they?

Where are the foot soldiers of God who see their offices as a mission field?

Where are the kingdom light bearers in the marketplace?

Lord, where are the Daniels who can speak to kings without bowing to idols?

There is a deposit of heaven in you. Would it just be buried in files or interned in board rooms?

Break out this light! Break this Alabaster box. There is a scent that must fill the room.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing

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