It was challenging to say, but I told my lovely wife, “Aside from our offering today, this is the last dime on me. Please, let us kindly get some things into the house for food”.

God, in his miraculous way, showed up. A few hours later, someone sent me a cash gift. It was a good amount. I was overjoyed. While I was still rejoicing, God said to me, “It is not for you. Give it to so and so”.

That was a hard truth moment. My jumping stopped. My heartbeat got faster. I told my wife, and then we let it go. It was tough!

One of the warning signs you must not ignore as a believer is this: Once you find it hard to give, your soul is becoming tied to things!

Jesus warned us that the soul is tied to things. He said, “Be alert and guard your heart from greed…For your life can never be measured by the amount of things you possess.”

Luke 12:15 TPT

Look around you. What is one thing the Lord can point to that you will find impossible or hard to let go of?

Your Christian Maturity will always involve that curriculum on giving. It is always a tough course for the flesh, but you must pass it. There is no mature believer who is not a master in giving.

Only children have a tight fist over what they have been given, even when the giver asks for it. What have you that you did not receive?

Self-preservation is not a kingdom attribute. Why? He that keeps his life will lose it but he that loses his life will find it. In this kingdom, when you scatter by giving, it increases. But when you withhold, you enter into poverty.

If you can track your expenses by headings, what consumes the most? Sin, Self or Spirit!

Think about Solomon- He used seven years to build the temple. But guess how long it took to build his own house? Thirteen years. Solomon would have been judged a great giver, but wait, how much did he invest in his flesh? (1 Kings 6:37 to 1 Kings 7:1)

Do you give more attention to your career than you do to your calling? You pay heavily for a new certificate, but can you do the same to reach souls?

You stay awake because of professional examinations, but do you wake up for Spiritual evaluation in study and prayers?

A friend said, “God knew I was crazy about perfumes. At a point in my life, God kept telling me to give out my perfumes”. It was tough, but she kept obeying it till her soul was not tied to it again.

What can God point to but He can never have? What are you building that is taking more than what you are building for the Lord?

That is your “yellow card.”

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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