I had roasted fish on my meal. I invited Olive to have some. She shrugged me away. I went close to her to feed her and she refused. I sat down and kept eating.

Afterwards, I went to Danielle and put a chunk of fish in her mouth. Then, I gave another chunk to Irewamiri. Afterwards, Olive began to look at me so I went to where she laid and gave her a tiny bite. Her face lit up. She got up from where she was lying down and came to stay with me where I was eating. We ended up eating the fish together. She tasted something that set her on her feet.

There are encounters that lights up a man and sets him upon his feet. There are things that happens to you that brings a shift forever.

There are things that just want to lay down within you until the Word of the Lord locates you. You will realise that you cannot remain where you have been.

The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel.
Isaiah 9:8 KJV

There is an Israel in your Jacob that only an encounter can light up. There is a capacity for territory taking that only an encounter can unleash.

When the Word came to Jeremiah and he ate them, they were the delight of His soul. They became fire in his belly. He burnt for a generation to watch.

The Psalmist knows something about tasting. He said, “Taste and See…” Tasting opens your eyes to what you have been rejecting.

Peter tasted. He left his fishing boat and became a fisher of men.

Paul tasted. A zealous persecutor became a frontline apostle.

The Samaritan tasted it. She dumped her jar of water because the encounter brought out a whole well hidden with her. She impacted a city with her excitement.

Some have also tasted the wrong things. And it has set them in the wrong direction. It darkened their path. It distorted their world.

But there is a taste that the Word of God brings- it comes with salvation, healing, wholeness, life and hope.

The Word of the Lord is Spirit and Life (John 6:63). It came to Ezekiel and set the prophet on his feet (Ezekiel 2:2).

Back in the days when we visit doctors, they would always ask us to stick out our tongues. I do not know what they seek. But there must be a link between sickness/wholeness and the tongue (taste) of a man.

What is your taste? Does it show you are whole or you sick?

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