Olive brought me one of my footwear in the morning. She does that often. But this time around, I did not need it so I asked her to return them to the shoe rack. Well! She decided to wear them. She began to move around in my shoes with a wide grin on her face relishing the moment.

There are bigger shoes to step into. God does not want us to play small. We must still operate in child-like faith as we press in to greater things.

The generation that took the Promised Land was not the generation that left Egypt. That generation that left Egypt had fighting men who learnt to fight even divine moves and instructions. They all perished in the wilderness. Their mindset made it so!

A different generation with childlike faith who did not ask whether walking round Jericho was a proven military strategy took the land for the Lord and for the nation of Israel.

But as much as we need child-like faith, we must not stay in child-like maturity. We must grow. The big shoes we will step into will fit when we do not joke with growth.

We must listen to our Joshua and admire our Caleb. Out of a generation that failed, they are custodians of principles that does not fail. If you feel smarter than your Joshua and your Caleb, you will have no template to learn from.

Even though Joshua had not crossed Jordan before, he knew what God did with the Red Sea. Joshua may not have confronted Jericho before but he knew what God did with the Amalekites.

We must not be that generation that is big on dreams and pursuit but lean on growth, following, patience and learning. We must not be that generation that talks faith but despise wisdom.

Aim for big shoes but grow into them also.
Dream big but learn big also.
Talk with faith and learn with patience.
Walk in faith but be in step with wisdom.

Big shoes are waiting but it is for those who do not despise wisdom.

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