I had slept off on the couch in Grandpa’s house. Every other person had gone out. Midway through my sleep, someone strolls in.
I woke up drowsy. The person said something like, “When Grandpa and Grandma returns, tell them “so and so” has been discharged from the hospital”.

I returned to sleep. I never delivered the message. I forgot! By the time I realised, it was too late.

About 24 hours later, Grandpa asked sarcastically, “Anuoluwapo, are you the brother that someone met at home yesterday?”. Honestly, I did not remember until he added the message I was meant to deliver.

Grandpa said to me: “Anuoluwapo, how will someone ask you to deliver an important message but you did not- that is an animalistic tendency”.

Beloved, you have a message to deliver to your generation. Those who will end well will not be slaves of sleep. Samuel laid close to the Ark of the Covenant and he could perceive clearly when the Lord was calling out to him.

But Peter was sleeping at the place of transfiguration. He woke up hastily from sleep and came up with a strange revelation. He wanted to pretend as though he was a part of the entire process but the Lord interrupted his sleepy revelation.

One of the things the kingdom of hell will use in the battle against sons of the Kingdom in our time and age is sleep. The devil knows that if we can choose sleep over fellowship on a normal day, they will not be able to stand also in the days of crisis.

In the training of elite soldiers, there is the part where you are denied sleep for a couple of days. Why? There will be days of real war when sleep would not be an option.

Jacob slept and confessed that “The Lord is here and I did not know it”. He slept off an encounter. Yet, it was a stone that he used as a pillow.

But upon his return journey from Laban, he knew that sleep should not deprive him any longer. He struggled all night with an angel. He did not let go until daybreak.

There is nothing like a solid Christian Life that does not have a solid prayer walk with the Lord. When God is seeking for a voice to send to a generation, he does not look for sleepy men. He seeks men who are alert in the physical and also alert spiritually.

Jesus already warned us through the Parable of the Ten Virgins that sleep would be one of the challenges of the believer in the last days before the coming of the bridegroom.

Sleeping soldiers do not pick instructions. You cannot be over-sleeping at this season. You must be sensitive to the moves of God. If a soldier does not hear the instructions of His commander, he is set to perish in battle.

If you go to work all day and you return to sleep all night and your voice is no longer heard in prayer, you are busier than God intended you to be!

Get rooted in the Spirit. Before long, there will be a difference between those with roots and those who bloom without roots.

There is a message to deliver to our generation. May we not sleep when it is most critical.

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