In the year 2012, I decided to spend my third Saturday every year in a mini-retreat. I would leave the house as early as 6 am and return at about 1 pm. I would not consider an invitation that fell on the third Saturday of the month. I would rather be in retreat, and not anywhere else.

During that season, there was a nuclear family function. It was quite important. I am grateful to God for an amazing family. When they were fixing the date and it fell on a third Saturday, they decided to move the function to midday. I was above to honour the retreat and at the same time honour my immediate family.

Beloved, there can be no growth where there is no plan for it. Planning is essential. You should plan your year, your month, and your day.

A dear son in the faith asked me, “Pastor, how do I find a balance in all I do as a student, in business, and the local assembly?” I gave him a simple answer, “Plan. Dedicate your early morning to studying the Word and reviewing your lecture notes before the activities of the day catch up with you”.

Thank God for great plans but great plans without the discipline of execution are like a car without a driver. No matter how good a car is, if you have no one to drive it, you are going nowhere.

Any plan that will lead to profit must be backed up with diligent execution. It is not just good planning, hard work is involved.

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. Proverbs 21:5 NLT

Without a plan, you cannot build anything great. Always remember that repair work is more expensive than doing a proper job.

Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.
Proverbs 24:27 NLT

What is your plan for your spiritual growth? Make sure it is not just I want to read the word of God and pray. Make sure you add the time of the day you will be doing it. A great goal with proper timing will not be done.

I love seeing pictures that have the time and date that it was taken printed on them. That’s the same way a vision should be. When you have a picture of that desired end, make sure you time and date it also.

What is your plan for relationship development? Look closely and see the places or persons you spent time with in the past who added great value to your life. Invest in such relationships. Networking is not about how many people you share your contacts with. It is about that one person who brings great value into your life.

Do you have a growth plan?
Do not just wish for it, plan it.

©temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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