My father gave me the chance to preach at the Saturday Night dedicated to Youths at the Church Convention many years ago.

I shared about my teenage struggles with lust, porn and all others. The fact that I was born in a Godfearing home did not make me suddenly Godfearing.
Then I turned and asked my parents, “Did you know I struggled with these things?” They both said “No”. I would be reading porn magazines and once Dad comes into the room, I slid it under the mattress.

I do not know that part of your life that is a struggle- hidden from the eyes of all your friends and family. They may have no idea but the love of God can bring you out of the mess.

I know you feel an emptiness, a void and a gap inside. I see that the hidden sin is tearing you apart. Get rid of it before it costs you your lovely spouse, think of your kids, think about the future, think about the joy of not having to be sneaky.

Get out of the adulterous affair. If it competes with the love of God and your love for your home, it is not worth it! God loves you. I do too.

There is love in sharing