THINGS THAT CAN SLOW YOU DOWN 5  (Waiting for a Perfect Moment)

THINGS THAT CAN SLOW YOU DOWN 5 (Waiting for a Perfect Moment)

One of the desires that I have about the ministry is that we would be able to do a video Livestream of our services. I honestly desire that it is excellently done with all the ambience and all in place. That would cost some money.

But guess what! I told my Media men to grab a phone and begin to Livestream with it. It may not be perfect but we have started. It will keep getting better.

One major thing that has slowed many down in life and destiny is the proverbial perfect time and setting. A lot of folks have remained on the same spot building castles in the wind with promises that will only become reality if they dare take a bold step.

Saul wanted David to appear perfect before heading out to kill Goliath. Divine assignments are not a fashion parade. David knew he had to use what he had- his sling and stones. The sling and stones well-deployed got him something bigger than the sword of Saul- he got the sword of Goliath.

Asides the sword of Goliath, he ignited a passion in the next generation that can take on giants, lions and other challenges with what they had.

Do not ignore the place of process. Start with what you have today. Only what grows up stays up. If you get there without an appreciation and understanding of the process, the platform will disgrace you and pressure to keep up will bury you.

You are waiting to have enough money before you answer the call to ministry so you can buy enough gadgets and all- that’s fine. But money cannot buy changed lives, loyal men, a faithful wife and faith in the roughest of roads. It takes the road to make a man.

Do you know money cannot buy the gift and call of God? Peter said to Simon (the Sorcerer): “May your money be destroyed along with you because you thought you could buy the [free] gift of God with money! You have no part or share in this matter because your heart (motive, purpose) is not right before God.”
Acts 8:20‭-‬21 AMP

Money is needed in ministry but money is not and can never be a ministry. Do not mix it up.

Jesus (God’s grand plan for the redemption of man) could have been born grandly but the setting was not perfect- it had to happen out of home and in a manger.

One major thing that you should pray for is awareness of divine timing. May you not be wishing for and trying out Saul’s armour when you should be running towards Goliath.

What are you waiting for?

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