I was walking with my dear friends, and we had to pass through a spot where everyone had to stretch a bit to climb to the next level. They all chose the option of climbing and they did it with ease, but I could not do the same. I walked to the lowest point that wheelchairs could pass easily and began my climb up.

Why did I not take it the way everyone took it? I was carrying a few-month-old baby in my hands. I could not do exactly what they did. On our way back, someone else carried the baby and also could not just descend at the same point as we all did. She had to climb down gently.

I told everyone, “This is why a lot of people miss it in life. They do not consider what they carry before making certain decisions”.

Will you not be surprised if you see a pregnant woman in a street fight? That would be a bit absurd. People are likely to warn her and drag her away from the fight by telling her, “If you do not care about yourself, consider the seed you are carrying”.

Some things are not sinful, but you must never do because of what you carry. You cannot compare yourself to others. We can all be on the same journey but not carry the same thing. When you carry eggs, you do not behave like the person who carries stones.

You cannot talk like they talk because of what you carry. You cannot go to the same places they go because of what you carry. You cannot afford to be careless because of what you carry.

There is something called the weight of destiny and you must pay attention to it:

“…She did not consider her destiny; Therefore, her collapse was awesome…” Lamentations 1:9 NKJV

If your eyes are on the future, it will shape your decisions today. Amnon raped Tamar and that sealed his fate. A kingly destiny lost honour and lost his life.

“…It gave no thought to its future. Its downfall was shocking…’

Lamentations 1:9 GW

If you know the consequences of that five-minute pleasure; if you know the consequences of sending that nude; if you know the consequences of dropping the standards so you can keep a man; if you know the burden of carelessness, there are things you will never touch even with a long spoon.

David, in his anger, wanted to wipe away Nabal and everyone connected to him. He was battle-ready. However, he met Abigail on the way who said to him, “Consider the prophecy of kingship over your life”. She admonished him not to get blood on his hands.

Do you remember the popular definition of anger? It is called five-minute madness. Do you know what those few minutes do to your destiny? Do you know it is easier to demolish a house? It takes a shorter time to pull down than it took to build.

Do not allow a silly affair to destroy that twenty-two-year-old marriage bond. Why would you allow the sound of a strange partner to drown the voice of sacrifices?

On the day you want to be careless, may there be a voice of caution that makes you consider the weight of your destiny. On the day you would have misbehaved, may men of counsel not be far from you.

Consider what you carry.

Consider where you are going.

Do not be careless.

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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