We needed a keyboardist in the ministry. At that point, a young man came into town to serve the nation. He could play the keyboard but we had two standing principles:

First, you cannot be an instrumentalist, no matter how skilled you are, if you have not been through our training school at a certain level in the ministry. Second, we often said that we were more interested in people’s spiritual growth and not just their skills even if it is needed. It was and still is a tough decision to make at times.

This young man kept coming. He sat to listen to God’s word. He also went through our training structures. What we never knew at that point was that he had to decide to stay even though he had the option of playing the instrument elsewhere for a token every week.

Today, I am glad that we did not lower the standard because we were in need. Why? He is now a minister of the gospel serving the Lord fully in his calling.

Beloved, never let your need mount pressure on you to drop the standard. There are godly sisters whose pattern of dressing has changed so they can appear a bit more attractive. If anyone tells you that godliness is the reason why you are unmarried, they lied!

You do not have to expose your cleavage and show some thigh to attract a godly man. Look good but do not compromise. It will be far more painful when you drop your standard and you still attract no one or worse, you get used. The pain of regret is always intense.

If the trainer of a soldier drops the standard for him in training, will he also drop the standard for him in real warfare? Do not drop the standard. Ask businessmen and women- they will tell you that the customers they compromised for are the ones likely to be full of complaints.

Some of those who are full of complaints are those who boycotted compliance. If compliance was in place, complaints would have been less.

God wants us to make heaven. He died for our sins. God will not drop the standard. He loves you but He hates sin. He says “Come as you are” but He will never say, “You do not have to change”.

A dear friend worked with his father right after secondary school. He got no preferential treatment. He got scolded for late coming even when his dad knows what kept him late. There was no excuse. Today, he can do the work and lead the organization just like his dad.

If anyone is dropping the standard for you, they are not doing you a favour; they are messing up with your future. Whatever you compromise for will never bring lasting comfort to you.

Do not drop the standard! Raise the bar.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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