Many years ago, I was visiting my uncle and aunt. My aunt, her first daughter (who was still a teenager) and I were discussing in the girls’ room. We were so carried away in our conversation that we did not notice when my four years old niece stepped out of the bathroom.

The next thing I heard in the middle of our conversation was her voice. She said, “Uncle Temi, can you please excuse me? I want to dress up”. We all froze. What did she just say? I quickly excused the “young lady” so she could dress up. I did not argue. I simply left. Why? She was talking from understanding.

Beloved, in the Christian walk, things respond to understanding and not age. A twelve years old boy who has grown in understanding can manifest manly traits. A sixty-year-old man who is limited in understanding will display a childish attitude.

Casting out the devil and his demons is not a function of age but a function of light. Any believer can cast out demons but the absence of light has kept many victims of the devil and his wiles.

If you do not invest in understanding, the enemy will stay in your space and relish seeing your nakedness. When you are not soaked in the word, you will be ignorant. When you are ignorant, you will be dominated.

There are two things that the believer must fight:

First is Ignorance. A lack of knowledge will destroy a believer. An ignorant believer will go through the same cycle as an unbeliever. Invest in studying the Word. Get soaked in it. If you are a parent, you are the primary Bible Study teacher of your children. Load them with the Word. Let them go to school “worded” in their minds.

The second is timidity. If you know it but you are not confident to act on it, you will get the same result as the ignorant man. The man who does not know the answers to an exam and the one who is afraid to write the answers because he is not sure will fail.

Confidence is the backbone of the Christian walk. The righteous must be as bold as a lion. The lion is not prey. The lion does not turn back from challenges. The lion’s roar can travel up to eight kilometres. That’s scary. You are not the one to be pitied. You are not the one to go hungry. You are not the one to shiver because of the devil. No! That’s not you. That’s not you.

Your defence is in your growth in knowledge and boldness.

You need to be like my niece, “What are the things you need to say to- Excuse me?” What are the things to kick out of your space? Do it today.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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