WARNING SIGNS (1)- “Harmless Social Media Clips”

I noticed that in a bid to catch some rest off work, I spent time from one social media clip to the other. You click on one video teaching that blesses you. The next is also a powerful teaching, but the one afterwards is a movie clip with suggestive words, indecently dressed and suggestive scenes.

Then you stumble on clips that make you laugh at obscene jokes, and if caution is not taken, you are some hours lost in reprogramming your mind.

Just try praying afterwards; it will seem like you are jumpstarting a car with a dead battery.

One of the warning signs that you must never ignore is that unguarded drift when you think you are taking a well-deserved rest. Your intention to rest may be a good one, but the devil would always be there to hijack the rest if you have no concrete plans.

As a believer, your rest plan must be a rest of the body and not a relaxation of the Spirit. Do not take your legs off the pedal of the spirit. Your spirit man must always be alert, afresh and aflame.

If you are not careful, your soul will desire to introduce lethargy that you must resist. You begin to feed on things that can ruin all you have built.

David surely deserved that rest, but the devil hijacked his stroll in the palace in the evening.

The devil will patiently introduce the things that will break down your walls of self-control until you wake up. However, you are naked already.

Screen whatever gets access to your mind. Do not fill your mind with silly ungodly images.

A dear friend said, “If my child cannot watch it with me, then I will not watch it. I also want to be a child of God forever”. That’s simple yet profound.

If you take a rest, but you come back at a lesser spiritual level, you were arrested by the devil during your rest. Do not drift. Do not compensate yourself with poison. No one in their right frame of mind does that.

Those who fell did not plan to fall. If you are already drifting, stop the drift now. You now talk suggestively and look lustfully at sisters. Stop that drift. Close the doors you left open for that indiscipline. Kick that demon out. You now smile sheepishly at compliments that should annoy your spirit.

Now do not lie to yourself- Is your time of devotion still anointed? Is the Word in your mouth still potent? Is the force of character still behind the words and the songs? Can you pray without distraction? What does your inbox look like? What images are now on your mind?

Catch the drift now!

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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