A beloved one reached out and said, “I should have done this two years ago. My heart has not been at peace but I would love to do it today”. He went ahead to apologise for an action of his that the Spirit of God had been dealing with him about.

One of the warning signs you must never ignore is that of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. When you begin to excuse the conviction of the Spirit, you will end up ignoring the Lord. The end is never pleasant.

A hardened heart must never be an attitude of a believer. Your heart must be fully yielded.

How do we know a heart that is fully yielded? It never takes time to apologise for doing wrong neither does it take a long sermon to forgive when it is wronged.

Repentance and forgiveness are the first fruits of yieldedness. If you find it hard to repent, you will find it hard to forgive. It is neither about repentance nor forgiveness rather it is about the hardened soil of your heart.

If “I am sorry” is hard, “I forgive you” will also be hard. Why? The ground of the heart is hard.

The sons of Eli amaze me. How can sons of a Priest who are priests themselves have such an unyielded heart? Does their heart not even smite them at all?

It takes legendary hardness of heart to commit adultery as a child of God and not break down in godly sorrow. It takes an amazing height of unyieldedness to steal offering and the fear of the Lord does not grip you.

But it is not developed overnight. Our mindset is just like concrete pillars- they were once wet and flexible but over time, it solidifies and becomes hard if not impossible to bend or break.

Every little moment that you excuse and gave reasons why your decisions are smarter than that of the Holy Spirit, you harden up bit by bit.

Have you ever failed to check up on someone before? A week, a month and a year! Then suddenly, it becomes so hard to reach out or make a call because you keep asking, “What do I want to say?”. Your heart then excuses it till it fades. That is how friendships die.

In the same way, when you fail to yield to the Spirit of the Lord and you keep giving excuses, that is how you lose kingdom signals.

Can you see how far you have gone? When last did the Holy Spirit warn you about that matter? Well! He is doing so now! What’s your response?

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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