A senior friend and dear brother went to preach in a church. When he was done, one or two people wanted to sow seeds into his life and ministry. He asked them a powerful question, “When last did you give to your pastor?” Interestingly, they could not remember. He asked them to give the seed to their pastor.

One of the warning signs that you must not take for granted is this: If it takes a guest minister to wake you up to what your pastor has always said, you need to check your heart. If you are in a hurry to bless a guest minister but have never taken the pain to bless your pastor, it is a bad sign.

There is a way that the smell from your neighbour’s kitchen seems to be more alluring than the finished meal in your own home. Why do you think you crave the jollof rice at wedding receptions? Can you imagine you plan your meal for life around party food?

Beloved, if your Pastor’s voice has become so regular and familiar that it does not sound attractive or persuading to you again, there is a huge trouble.

It may sound like he is telling you the same thing but it takes routine to groom champions. Even sicknesses are dealt with through regimented treatment.

And your Pastor does not even have to sound persuasive, he only needs to be able to play his role as a shepherd. Your pastor has taught a whole series on forgiveness but it takes a guest minister before you saw the weight of your folly- you need to wake up!

What grew the early church? What made them a force? They met daily. They shared daily. They devoted themselves to the Apostles teaching.

This season, are other voices now more attractive? You will return to church with a different spirit- you were not feeding at home.

When the sons of Eli would not listen to the voice of their biological father who doubles as their pastor, God had to send guest ministers (1 Sam. 2:27). God even sent unusual “Samuel” but by then even Eli was tired. He said, “He is God. Let him do whatever pleases him” (1 Sam. 3:18).

When your Pastor’s voice becomes like that of a commoner, you will begin to get dry spiritually.

Do you still take notes?
Do you still revisit them?
Does it point you to Christ?
Do you have a reminder by the Spirit of a word from a sermon when you want to misbehave?
Do you yield and obey?

Are you waiting for a guest minister?

There is love in sharing

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