A dear mother was recuperating. She needed to have some break from the routine of ministry. She went to stay in a new area. In about a month, she had started a children’s Bible club- leading young ones to Christ! She was also already visiting villages in that area sharing the gospel of Christ. One question struck me- What do I do when I am tired?

One of the legitimate excuses we have for taking our hands off the plough of the gospel is tiredness. We wish to sleep and rest. There are times some become cranky and display a bad attitude.

Was Jesus ever tired? Yes! What did he do when he was tired? Look at this account:

“Jacob’s well was there; and Jesus, tired from the long walk, sat wearily beside the well about noontime.” John 4:6 NLT

But right after this episode was when he struck a conversation with the Samaritan Woman. Tired Jesus transformed a life. His hunger and weariness disappeared. Even the disciples were shocked. Tired Jesus won an entire city.

Your tiredness is not an excuse for a bad attitude. Your tiredness is not an excuse for your laziness in kingdom assignments. That’s the lie of the devil.

Kingdom assignments are our gym for renewal of strength. Soul winners are always spiritually fit. Physical weariness is not an excuse for spiritual laziness.

Let the passion for the kingdom light up your spirit, fire up your soul and bring new spring in your steps. Do not just sit down and lounge. You can take a break from activities but you cannot take a break from being a kingdom ambassador.

Tiredness that stops you from studying and praying is an attack on your spiritual walk, growth and impact. Deal with it!

When you are tired, let the things that fire you up be tied to the kingdom. Weariness disappears with the joy of soul-winning. Our excuse was the motivation of Jesus.

Lord, I quit excuses today!
Let what stirs you also touch my heart.
Give me an unquenchable flame for souls.
Use me in my weakness for kingdom profit.


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