Olive picked up a top and tried wearing it. I approached her to help her and she began to say, “I can do it by myself”. I left her to it. After a moment of struggling, she began to cry and throw tantrums. She was struggling with it but could not get to wear it.

She got frustrated and threw the top on the floor. She ran some steps from it. She sat on the floor and began to cry out of the frustration of trying hard. I smiled and told her to get on her feet. I said to her, “But I offered to help and you refused. Why are you throwing tantrums now?” I had a good laugh but helped her with it.

A lot of people have abandoned things in frustration without acknowledging the help of God that was readily made available for them. The painful thing is that people who refuse the help of God will turn around to blame God for everything that has happened to them.

The Proverbs has a response for such people:

People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord.
Proverbs 19:3 NLT

Did you listen to the counsel of the word of God for that situation? Help is available in the word.

Did you heed the counsel of teachers and those whom the Lord sent to you before you made that decision? Help is available in God-ordained relationships.

Do not make hasty decisions when God’s divine help is stretched towards you. It may not come in a package you like. You cannot desire a cure from leprosy and despise the housemaid that will point you to your healing.

One of the things the devil does after you swallow the bait of frustration is to introduce you to isolation. You will forget that:

• Two are better than one. A threefold cord is not easily broken. There is a covering that a spiritual company provides. Even Jesus Christ carried Peter, James and John along.

• Spiritual growth is more of dependence and not independence. When your maturity level rises, you will realise that you cannot do life alone. As you mature you will know the difference between a personal time of devotion and the covering strength of corporate intercession.

Before you begin to point fingers at God, people and the situation around you, kindly sit down and ask yourself, what help showed up but I refused? What counsel came but I did not heed? God is always willing to help. A stubborn heart will keep you in that “hell of a situation”.

Choose One.
Choose Wisely.

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