She recounted to me that the Spirit of the Lord gave her an assignment that evening. The Lord asked her to write down everything she liked about me and everything she disliked about me. That was quite easy. Things she liked were listed and the ones she did not like were also listed. Top of her dislike was the fact that I was in Eruwa.

The Holy Spirit asked her to take a second look at the list and pointed something to her- Everything she liked about me were things that were of the fruit of the Spirit and depth of character. Everything she disliked were ephemeral things that had no eternal value.

That was how the Holy Spirit helped her to make her decision looking at things that cannot fade with time.

Beloved, what are the grounds upon which you make your decisions? Upon what grounds do you say “Yes” or “No”? Your unchangeable condition must always be built on the foundation of what is eternal.

For instance, “Should I go for that new job offer?” Well! Ask yourself “Would it afford me more time to build intimacy with God and get committed to raising a godly home?” Do not just say, “Ah! The pay is double. This must be God”.

Why is this important? The devil does not mind you being successful as long as it means you will lose out on your spiritual heritage. The devil can package a physical promotion that actually will lead to a spiritual demotion.

You must build a discerning spirit. You must be able to judge rightly. Your decision will be incorrect if you think “Higher Pay is always from God”. Be warned.

Do you know they offered Jesus a percieved higher position by public standard- they wanted to take Him by force and make Him their King. Jesus fled.

We would have probably told Jesus today that He does not recognise the “operations of favour”. Jesus knew operations that will leave a permanent scar on His call and destiny. He ran from it.

When Jesus saw that they were ready to force him to be their king, he slipped away into the hills by himself.
John 6:15 NLT

Whether it is marital or career, take a pause and lean in on God. Do not call it a testimony until you test the spirit behind it.

May you not exchange what will last for the things that will not!

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