As I was about entering the University gate, a young Nigerien girl grabbed my left arm- I really felt like shrugging her off but I tried to be patient as she begged for money.

At that point, I had made up my mind to give her a hundred naira note but I decided to interact with her. I began to ask questions: Why do you beg? Where are your parents? Don’t you want to go to school? And many more! She still held on to me as we strolled towards the gate without giving any answer.

As I was about dipping my hands into my pocket to reach for the cash, she let go of my hands and walked away (not sure if it was anger or my questions).

I learnt a lesson: I must never be tired when God is asking me questions that I am unable to answer. God already knows what He will do.

A lot of folks in life hold on to God in expectation but once the questions that are meant to stir our faith begins to come, we get frustrated and we let go.

When God asked Abraham “Where is Sarah your wife”, it was not to embarrass him. God was asking Abraham to answer him. The questions of God is never to embarrass you. It is to surprise you!

When Jesus asked, “Where have you laid him?” He was not going to mourn at the grave of Lazarus. He was calling forth morning and a new dawn in the midst of a dark night.

God’s promises are “Yes” and “Amen”- Ever secure. Ever Sure. His questions are to cause a shift and align you to His promises. His questions bring you into His thoughts about you.

When God is asking us a question, it is not because He does not know the answer (John 6:5, 6). It is simply a test of our trust in Him.

Do not let go of His hands and walk away when He is just about bringing the answers to your request!

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