Irewamiri let out a sound of joy. She said to me, “My vegetables are sprouting again”. She went into the small vegetable bed and began to mention the different ones that were sprouting to me.

Something unfortunate happened weeks earlier. In a bid to get rid of weeds in the compound, we also got rid of her vegetables unknowingly. They got bathed in herbicide. They all died. She started planning to plant another.

What we did not know was that there were still seeds in the ground. When the rains came, they broke through the soil and sprouted again.

I hear the Lord say about someone, “That which you gave up on will sprout again”. There is a hope for a tree if it is cut down. It can still come back alive even if its root is dead in the ground. How shall such happen? It happens at the scent of water. Whatever you have given up on is restored miraculously in the name of Jesus.

What do we need for restoration? A seed in the ground and rain to water it. The seed is the Word of the Lord. The rain is symbolic of the outpouring of the Spirit of God.

Friend, never joke with the combination of the Word and the Spirit in the midst of what looks dead. The Spirit of the Lord moved upon the waters in the beginning and the Word was released. Light burst forth. The ground produced. Everything became productive as order was restored.

In the name of Jesus, wherever there is disorder in your life, order is restored now. Whatever is not productive begins to multiply now.

The Prophet Isaiah painted a terrible image of crops failing. He said the harvest will never take place. He mentioned that the lands will be overgrown with weeds. He said joyful homes will be gone. The palace will be deserted. The busy town will be empty. Wild donkeys will frolic and flocks will graze on emptiness.

He mentioned that what will make a difference is an outpouring of the Spirit (Isaiah 32). So the wilderness will become a fertile field producing great fruits.

But where will the outpouring come from? It will come as a river that rises and gushes from within you. What you need to turn the circumstance around is not external, it is internal.

Every time you get depressed, the floodgates that should water the dryness around you is shut. Unlock it with the key of meditation. Stay on the Word till water gushes out by the Spirit of God.

In the name of Jesus, whatever is dead comes alive right now. The fields are sprouting again. Where weeds took over the ground, the seeds are replacing them. The flood gates of the Spirit are open now. There is a miraculous turnaround. Rejoice!

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