I was driving in town one day when a brother, who is also a minister, saw me and mentioned that he would love to see me. When I saw my Dad later that day, he also said that the same person had told him that he had a dream about the two of us that he wanted to share. I smiled. Till date, I do not know what the dream was about. 

At another time, a brother also mentioned to me that he had a dream about me and was not going to share it with me. I thanked him. I was not going to beg that he should share the dream. 

Beloved, many have been trapped by dreams and dreamers. Many times, when you hear people say, “When I have a dream, it always comes to pass,” why is it always an evil dream? Why must it be about a terrible occurrence? Why should your dreams that come to pass always be about strange things? When will you dream and see great things? When will you dream and see the wonders of the Lord? 

Also, when the military wants to pass on intel, they use secure lines that cannot be corrupted or infiltrated. Dreams are very unsecured channels of communication. The devil can hijack it. He gives you a strange dream that you turn into a project. 

A father in the faith refers to dreams as the mouse traps of the devil. What he needs to operate is fear. The purpose of the strange dream is to plant fear. Once you are afraid, it comes in with its ally called “torment” (1 John 4:18). Fear is the devil’s permission needed to operate in your space. Someone said, “Fear knocked on the door, faith opened it and met no one there.” 

Furthermore, you need to know the place of the Word and the Spirit when it comes to divine communication. God’s Word is the only objective means by which God speaks to us now. The Word of God is the litmus test of every other form of communication. If it contradicts the Word of God, believe the Word and hold on to what the Word has said. 

Know this also- God leads a believer by the Spirit. You can perceive or know things by an inward witness. When you get born again, train your spirit man by feeding on God’s Word. 

For instance, if you move to a country where you do not understand their language, you will need to master the language to be able to relate well with them, or else you will rely on ‘sign language’, and you will struggle a lot. In the same way, when you get born-again, you need to hear the Word so you can know when God is speaking. His Word is his language. His Word is His thoughts. His Word reveals His mind.

Get so loaded with the Word of God that you are uncomfortable with movies and social media skits that promote vulgar words, abuses, coarse jesting, death, negativity and all. Guard your mind from strange things. 

Finally, have you noticed that after the resurrection of Jesus and the outpouring of the Spirit, God leveraged other means of divine communication and no longer dreams? In the era of mobile telecommunications, can you imagine you still rely on smoke and leave signals? No! 

May you not fall into the devilish traps of strange dreams. Get into the Word. Let your mind be renewed. Shut down unsecured lines.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing

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