When I got my posting letter, I did not go straight to the Local Government where I had been deployed. I spent the weekend in a familiar place having the best of fun.

However, reality struck when I visited my place of personal assignment and I saw the state. I placed a call through to someone and mentioned that I had reported.

His response was, “But I told you to send me your call-up number so an organization can request for you and you refused. Well! You will have to enjoy where you have been sent”

Friends, heaven deploys us for assignments too. Often times when we see where we have been sent and deployed, our legs shake and fear comes in.

If liked the Isrealites, we longed for where we came from, we could have returned.

But like Moses, we need to grow up and come to terms with what counts- suffering for Christ while we look forward to His reward and not the treasures of Egypt.

There are times people will ask why you would be so foolish to choose to suffer while there is opportunity for enjoyment- genuine concerns will arise.

Peter loved Jesus Christ so much that he rebuked him against dying, not knowing that it was the pathway to His glory!

Celebrate those who love you enough to see you do God’s will. Be cautioned when there are those who love you away from where God has deployed you!

Keep your eyes on the invisible. Take each step each day. Learn to listen to the one who deployed you. Follow instructions. Wake up with faith. Go to bed fulfilled.

Only His process will deliver His promise. Only His instruction will deliver His inheritance.

Stay on it soldier of Christ. Live at your duty post. If need be, die there under God. Make sure you are where He has placed you- no where else is better.

It is not a call to convenience- it is a call to covenant. Covenants are bloody! It is a commitment of life.

Will you stay where He has sent you or will you shiver and abandon the journey?

Hebrews 11:15, 24-26

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