I woke up early in the morning as my custom was and began to study and pray. At that a moment, a thought struck me as to some of the bills the ministry would have to settle in about a week.

But I shook it off when it struck me at that the same season, it was certain that some money would come in. At that moment, the Lord asked me, “What will you do if that money does not come?”

I realised I was confident because I trusted in a system we had built and not God. I repented immediately and began to worship the Lord and dance in adoration to His name.

The money I placed my heart on did not come in but before we needed it, God opened another door and blessed us with enough.

That day I learnt that nothing (not even a well-planned system) must shift my gaze from God. My faith must not be in the faithfulness of men but in the faithfulness of God.

Let one thing be settled early in your life and walk with God- God is your source and you will trust only in Him. Your faith must not be tied to your salary no matter how consistent and huge it is. The fact that you have a regular supply that guarantees a huge profit must not distract you from trusting in God.

It is so easy for our heart to drift and settle into other things. That was the warning of God to nation of Israel. It is easy to call on God in wilderness seasons but when you get to the Land of Promise, your heart can follow idols.

Can you be like Solomon? Despite all the riches he had and even though all materials needed to build the temple was already in place, he still wrote a Psalm and began it with “Except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain that build it…” (Psalm 127:1a)

If you have it all ready, would your trust be in God or in your possessions? If you have all the resources you need to do whatever you want (even when it is not evil), would you still stop to ask what God wants you to do with the money?

God knows the end before the beginning began. Do not try to lean on resources that God already knows will fail. Lean on Him alone. Let Him constantly guide you.

Do not be too confident in the systems and structures that you have built. Let your confidence be in God alone.

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