Right after our wedding reception, we planned already that we would not leave Lagos that day. We planned to spend the night on the Island. One of my beloved ones had gone ahead to book a room for us at a hotel that had the lagoon front as a view.

We loved it when we got in but we requested a room that had a view directly into the lagoon. We wanted to savour that view as a new couple as we woke up. We expected that it was going to be a more expensive room.

We were surprised when we were shown the room and realised that it was even cheaper than the initial one we paid for. It was better but it was cheaper.

One of the operations of favour in the life of a believer is the grace to get something better for cheaper. The favour of God upon your life is activated by your obedience to the Word of God.

Let me attempt to explain how this works because favour is always very difficult to explain. Think about Peter who had toiled all night yet caught nothing. He was also washing his net but Jesus stepped into his boat as a platform for the kingdom and afterwards, He gave him a word. Peter thought it was too simple a solution; nevertheless, he obeyed. He ended up with a harvest that was so profound. He got better with less effort.

One of the proofs that you are outside God’s will and plan is when you begin to struggle to get things done. A tree on the right ground would never struggle to bear fruits. It is a natural consequence. That is what it means to be blessed.

The favour of getting better for cheaper will ride on your skill and your preparation. Your role here is to be diligent, skilful and prepared.

For instance, if you begin to save and plan financially, you can get the opportunity to buy a plot of land at half the price. However, if you are lazy in planning and you have no savings, that opportunity that is meant to come cheaper will still come but you will not be able to appropriate it. Savings prepare you for opportunities.

Joseph kept honing his skill in small and unusual places. When it was time for the favour to work in his life, he got a new position (not because he was lucky but because he was prepared). Favour opened the prison door. Favour stood him in Pharaoh’s palace. Favour brought him into the National Economic Council Meeting of Egypt. He could never have imagined it happening that way. He was however skilful and prepared. Favour opened the door. He came in prepared. He got better for cheaper. He did not have to naturalize as a citizen. He did not have to carry the stigma of an ex-convict. He got it cheaper!

I know you are praying for a favour. Yes, you should but are you prepared for a favour? If you are brought into the space that you have been praying for, do you have the tools that the space requires?

Favour needs your preparation! If you are prepared, I declare over you today: May you get better for cheaper!

Do you get it?

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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