The first time I had someone mention the name of my spiritual father was in 2006. Some of my friends were having a conversation and they began to share about wondrous things the Lord was doing through his hands. A seed was dropped in the ground of my heart. 

However, I lacked insight and proper interpretation. I thought I was just inviting him to a meeting that I organized. I invited him and he came. I kept contact but did not know the depth of the relationship until a decade after. It took me ten years. 

Beloved, the moment you begin to sense the kingdom moves in your life and you start taking God seriously, you must be sensitive to the relationships He brings into your life. If you are not, you can be struggling in your divine assignment while your help is close by. 

David will meet “a Samuel”. Timothy will hear Paul preach and he would know that this is a destiny link. Elisha will know that the cloak of Elijah that fell on me was not a mistake. He would not just respectfully return the cloak, he would burn the bridge and follow through with divine positioning. 

The direction of a man will not change until his eyes are open on the way to Emmaus after seeing Jesus. When your heart burns within you, ask the Lord for discernment. Never assume. 

A father in the faith knew by revelation that he was meant to have a deeper relationship with a young man who just began ministry. He asked him, “What do you want- an active ongoing relationship with me or do you just want me to come and speak at your meeting?”  He chose the latter. He did not get the meeting nor did he get the relationship. He did not see well. 

David prayed that the Lord should give light to his eyes. Why? The alternative was not palatable- “Or I sleep the sleep of death” (Psalm 13:3). Lack of awareness is the sleep of death. 

When a man is asleep in destiny, things that he should conquer with ease become a huge mountain. Fulfilling divine assignment becomes a tall order. The journey looks like a puzzle. 

Lest mine enemy says, I have prevailed against him; And those that trouble me rejoice when I am moved. Psalm 13:4 KJV

Do not be gifted but unlearned. Do not be talented but untrained. Do not run the race with perception.  

You must learn to pray to the Lord: That which I do not see, show me. That which I do not understand, teach me. Life in God and with God is lived by revelation. 

Do not gamble!

There is love in sharing

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