Around 2 am, Irewamiri came to wake me up with these words, “Baby, I have been labouring for the past 2 hours. I cannot do it by myself. I need you by my side”. Well! Sleep vanished. I did not even know she was not by my side anymore. We began to labour together. 😊

Birthing your God-given vision is also like labour, you must know when you ask for needed help. You must also know the type of help you need. Be bold to ask for it.

In the early days of ministry, I would share the vision boldly with people I sense I am led to and I will then ask them if they would love to be a part of the vision. They either accept or decline. Some of them are still much a part of the ministry till date.

Labour is not a thing to be ashamed of. Do not be ashamed. I repeat- do not be ashamed. Do not hide what you are birthing. You would need all the help you can.

In labour, you need emotional and professional support. Carry family and friends along for emotional support (the ones who really understand the season you are in) and make sure you seek professional support from those who can help in the birthing of the vision. Even a doctor or a nurse cannot deliver herself of a baby. We all need support systems to survive labour seasons.

Solomon had the wisdom from God to build the temple but he knew that he needed professional help from Hiram, the King of Tyre. He did not hesitate to ask.

You are very strong, right? I know! Even Jesus got tired when he was carrying His cross (Read that again). It took the help of Simon the Cyrene to get the cross to Golgotha. Jesus did not say “We will just pray”. He allowed another to carry the cross. Who shares your burden with you?

Job was a man who loved God deeply. However one of the things that kept Job through his turbulent times was the presence of friends.

And this is important- a lot of folks complain that their church did not check on them in tough times. First, are you integrated into the system of your church? Second, did you tell anyone in the church at all that you are going through a tough time?

Wisdom asks for help. It takes pride (not humility) to refuse to ask for needed help. Do not waste the resources and support God has placed around you because you kept shut when you were meant to call for help.

I know a business owner that could not pay her debts. The business owner spoke to her suppliers and asked that they keep supplying them while they commit to paying the debt. If the supplies stop also, the debt would never be paid. She kept her word. Today, the stores have huge branches all over a large city.

Call to God but God will also use men for you. Ask for help from those who have gone ahead. Ask questions. Leverage your relationships. Labour pains may not be relieved but you are strengthened when you have someone by your side saying “You can do it. I am here for you”.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing

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