“You and These Short Skirts” (Lessons on Consecration and Concentration)

“You and These Short Skirts” (Lessons on Consecration and Concentration)

I was working inside the house when I heard Irewamiri scolding a young girl. She said to her, “You and these your short skirts”. First I wondered who she was scolding and I thought to step out to see. At that moment, the Holy Spirit asked a question, “Why do you want to see who was wearing the short skirt?” Ahhh! I sat back immediately and continued my work.

It may sound funny but many have ended up in the pit of sexual sin simply by taking steps out of curiosity. Lust has bombarded hearts that could not guard and guide its eyes.

The weight of what Job said came alive: “I have made up my mind not to look with lust upon a virgin”. What value will looking add to you? David was looking when he fell. It was a mighty fall.

Never excuse any hint of lust in your heart. Probe your thoughts. Probe your intentions. Young man, do not keep looking at an indecently dressed person while you ask questions like, “What kind of dressing is this for God’s sake?” Yet you have not taken away your eyes. Your eyes are glued to the lustful image and you are hiding under “righteous indignation” to have a second and third look. That’s inappropriate.

How do you help your heart from strolling into the path of lust? How do you keep your heart from sleeping in the prison of sinfulness?

First, you need a solid relationship with God. You are not free from sin until you are a child of God (Col. 1:13-14)

Second, you must put the word of God in your heart and your mouth (Psalm. 119:9-11). The word of God in your heart helps to keep your heart pure. The word of God in your mouth helps to silence the strange thoughts that the devil and the flesh will bring.

Jesus showed us how to deal with temptation. Your response must always be “It is written”. If you do not know what is written, you will end up as a victim.

Third, you must live a life of obedience to the Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. You will get carried away without the reins of the Word and the Spirit.

Finally, build a company of accountability. Have a company that has taken your business as their business also. Do not surround yourself with men who encourage and excuse sin. It will pollute your life and corrupt your journey.

A man who has all these is a wealthy man. A man who lacks all these is a poor soul at the mercy of sin and the devil.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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