My late grandpa was quite politically aware. Grandpa reads newspapers like a law student preparing for bar finals. He edits errors in them; leaves notes on the front page as references in case he needs to show someone else.

It was always fun discussing national issues with Grandpa until one day, I said the words “Ki lo ma n se _. Ko mo nkan to nse” (What is wrong with Mr. President? He does not know what he is doing?)

My grandpa with his glasses looked at me and said, “Anuoluwapo, you are not wise. Is he your mate?”(In Yoruba, that sounds harsh). Then he added, “Always talk about elders the way you would mention it if they were sitting face to face with you.”

There is evil upon us- we are becoming a generation with unbridled tongues. We have turn anonymity to an excuse for foolishness.

People who can rarely look into your face can throw stones on social media. Those who will prostrate to greet you now “Hi” you online.

The test of what you say online must be, “Will I do exactly the same if I were to be right in front of this person?”

Friend, do not be like the frog dancing in the pot of cold water not knowing that it is actually on fire.

Grandpa may be late but that lesson is still ever fresh.

If you are indeed a child of God, your freedom of expression must be framed and fitted into the Word of God- anything outside of it is a suicide mission.

Why? You will give account of idle words- whether jokes or opinions.

There is a reason car manufacturers added the brake- it can save your life in critical moments.

There is a reason God gave you a tongue- to stir your life into purpose and destiny and away from evil.

Let your tongue be to your body what the brake is to the car.

When your brake is faulty, you fix it! You are scared of accidents

Is your life, destiny and eternity not more precious than a car? Fix your tongue. Save your life.

A car wreck pains us. A life wreck is worse!

There is love in sharing

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