He began to speak with me when he saw the book I was reading. We shared thoughts across different topics. He was excited. Then he told me “I was born Nov. 1. I had my 50th birthday last year”.

I was excited. “Sir, we share the same month. I was born on the 3rd of November. I had my 25th birthday last year”. That was 8 years ago.

He suddenly paused and said, “Stop joking. You cannot be 25. You speak far beyond that age”. Now I was even getting confused about my age.

You have opportunities in life to live far beyond your years. How?

Learn to relate with wisdom. Separate yourself to seek wisdom by association with fathers, teachers and mentors. Learn through books. Learn by asking questions. Learn by applying what you have learnt to address situations you are facing.

I am still in shock when you see childhood mindsets caged in aged faces just as I am excited when I see the wisdom of grey heads hidden in agile frames.

Wisdom is important. If it costs you everything you have, go for it.

One of my favourite bible verses is “Of what use is money in the hands of a fool when he has no desire to get wisdom” (Prov. 17:16 NIV).

Give a fool money to seek wisdom. He would not get the wisdom and yet would lose the money!

A father said, “Wisdom is the ability to see the unprotected forehead of your Goliath”

May the Lord bless you with wisdom (James 1:5). May challenges bow at your doorstep. Ability to solve knotty issues is released to you!

There is love in sharing

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