My Uncle narrated an experience once: After a long flight from Nigeria to his base in the US, they were going through the usual routines at the airport. He had travelled with his daughter who visited Nigeria for the first time.

The daughter, about 4 years old then, a US citizen was given speedy attention while he had to stay for quite a long time getting probed and frisked because all he had was Nigerian citizenship.

He said he felt like shouting, “That is my daughter that was just given a different welcome while you subject me to all sorts”
The difference between them was that she was a US citizen while he was not!

Being a good Nigerian did not grant him the same treatment as a US citizen. Your goodness cannot save you.

Cornelius was described as a devout and God-fearing man but he still needed to send for Peter to bring them a message through which his household and himself will be saved. Acts 10:2 ,11.14 .

Religion has never saved anyone. Church attendance is good but no matter how long a man stays in a car park, he cannot become a car. It cannot take the place of what Jesus Christ did for you just as living in the United States did not make my uncle a Citizen.

Can I implore you not to transit from the pews in the church to the flames of hell? It will be sad.

Renounce citizenship of Sin nation. Apply for Citizenship of God’s kingdom. Why? Only citizens will make heaven! Begin to live as heaven’s citizen. You become a kingdom ambassador on earth.

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