I relished a lot of our Law School moments. One of those moments was when Aero Contractor (Airline Operators in Nigeria) was having promotional flights. We were flying from Kano to Lagos for as cheap as 5, 700 naira. We keep monitoring flight schedules and made sure that we booked quite early so we can enjoy cheaper rates.

The interesting thing is at the time we were having 80 minutes direct flights into Lagos, some of our colleagues were still patronising bus companies at ridiculous amounts and yet spend about 12 hours and even more on the road to Lagos.

When the news spread, a lot of folks stopped travelling by bus and took the flights also. In fact, there were occasions when it seems it was a law school affair at the Kano Airport.

Knowledge is important. Your position changes as you align to knowledge. Your 12 hours can become 80 minutes if you have the right information.

Your information for flight in life is stored in the written Word of God to you!

The bible is not an under-the-pillow guard against demons. It is not what you hold in your hand and shake at devils as seen in movies. You must have the Word in your heart and in your mouth. The bible is the Word of God containing flight information for living. You need to access it and align with it. When you do not know what has been written about you, you will live your life as a victim.

Read the Word. Study it. Listen to teachers. Ask questions. Find the Light. Take the Flight.

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