38 years ago when my spiritual father went to ask out his wife, he told her “If you are not ready to marry a full-time minister, do not even consider the proposal”. It was not fashionable to graduate from the university and take on ministry work in the ’80s!

Let me give you a peep into mine- The only furnished parts in our home for a long time was our kitchen and the bedroom! No Settee in the living room! No TV and decoder. People visited and we shared only what we had. But my wife made sacrifices and married me.

First, if your sole motive for pursuing purpose (whether to start a business, NGO or get into ministry) is to amass wealth, you have set yourself up for frustration.

Sacrifices must be made. The only token I was sure of having every month till and for a while after marriage was N5000 given to me till date as a seed (not by the church).

Sacrifices unlock generational impact. Abraham laid Isaac on the altar and was ready to sacrifice him knowing that God can raise the dead even though there was no record that it has ever happened before.

Listen, if God has called you to do the impossible, look to Him for strength. Do not seek the opinion of those who have not done it before. Make sacrifices.

If you think there is a short cut to a life of significance, you have been deceived.

Warning: Brothers, this is not an excuse for mediocrity. Even if you have little today, let us see values that reveal that you are on course.

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