I sat in the library as I spoke to a dear brother in the faith. I told him, “The whole matter concludes that ‘I am fighting a generational war that I must win'”. It was not a battle with demons or the devil. It was a battle for strength and inner will to stay faithful and on course in such a way that the generation after mine would have no reasons to go through the same thing. He understood me better that very moment.

Beloved, you will live life anyhow if you are unaware of the battles that you must not joke with. Battles are a function of human existence. You have a war to fight and a battle to win.

For instance, if you have noticed a pattern of leaving things abandoned because of anger, that may be exactly what you need to fight. My grandfather left his village in anger. Your father abandoned a trade and many other jobs any time he gets angry. Your aunts abandon their marriages once they get angry. Do not say, “Anger is our weakness” with pride. Get on your knees and ask the Lord for strength.

It was the same anger that made your grandfather not leave behind any property you can point to. The same spirit left your family in a perpetual state of lack. Now, you are almost done on that project or that study or even it is a trade but your boss is beginning to treat you unfairly. Please, do not get angry. You are fighting a generational war that you must win: anger-triggered abandonment!

When you lack awareness of what you are fighting, you will not know the weapons to gather. You can begin a new lineage of grace and strong character in your family. You can be the departure from that pattern.

At least, Abraham began a new order:

And you shall answer and say before the Lord your God: ‘My father was a Syrian, about to perish, and he went down to Egypt and dwelt there, few in number; and there he became a nation, great, mighty, and populous.”
Deuteronomy 26:5 NKJV

From a man came a nation. What changed? He stayed through with the Lord. When he missed his steps, he retraced it.

Do not let the devil cheat or rob you. Identify the human tendencies that have limited you over the years- anger, procrastination and the likes! Fight it head-long. When you see it, know that is the devil in disguise. Do not fall for it.

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