It was concluded already that we were going to request for something that we needed. We had set money apart for payment. It was deeply needed.

In the place of prayer, the Lord said “Do not ask for it”. It did not make any sense but we obeyed. Some months later, the Lord said, “Ask for it now”. We went ahead to ask. The summary is rather than paying for it, we got it for free.

Beloved, the leading of God must not be subjected or substituted with your feeling. There will be times (a lot of times actually) that His leading will not come in a package that your mind and feelings can easily agree with.

Walking with God is by faith and not by flesh. Emotions can cost you more than you planned for. There must be a circumcision of your emotions if you will follow through with divine leading.

Joy is more than an emotion. It is a fruit of the Spirit. It is also proof that your spirit is well aligned to the Spirit of the Lord. There will be an unusual outflow and inflow of joy even when it does not seem to make sense at all.

Hear me- this is the season of God blessing you with extra and bonuses but it will come only if you are sensitive to His leading.

For singles, there is a time to propose. Even when she is the right person for you (and you have confirmations about it in your spirit), be sensitive to the timing of God as to when to propose. Why is this important? The person that told you ‘who’ would also tell you ‘when’ and will definitely not hide the ‘why’.

You can lose inheritances that are prepared for you because you asked at the wrong time. It is not about feeling. It is about His leading.

In the name of Jesus, this season you will enjoy the blessing of extra and bonuses. As you ask for one, you will enjoy the favour of double. As you negotiate for one plot of Land, you will be blessed with two plots at the cost of one.


(We are in interesting times but be not troubled. Believe in God. Stay in His Word. Exercise. Pray. Fast. Develop Content. The Curtain will soon open and you must have something to bless your world with now and after)

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